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Marleys Mutts

Project Type: Redesigning - Revising 
My Role: UX/UI Researcher
Team: 4 UX/UI Researcher
Project Time: 2 Weeks (Before Presentation)




Our mission for this project was to enhance the website of Marley's Mutts, a non-profit organization. During the project, we aimed to simplify the adoption process by reducing the number of steps required for users to access the adoption form. Additionally, we updated the website's design to a more modern look while still using Marley's Mutts' signature color scheme to create a calming atmosphere for users.



The initial step we took for this project was to familiarize ourselves with our client and their business. We extensively examined their website and read up on their history. We evaluated their website and recorded our observations so that we could discuss them in the stakeholder meeting. During the meeting with the stakeholders and founder, we comprehended the expectations and concerns that they wanted us to address. While the organization did not want any information removed from the application form since it was necessary, they acknowledged that the application was too lengthy and required improvement.



User Testing

Once we reached our competitors, we began wireframing and creating a functional low-fi prototype. This allowed us to put our solution to the test through user testing. During the testing, we were able to identify which features stood out to our testers and discover any issues we may have missed when coming up with our solution. We used the information gathered during the user testing to improve the prototype and address any encountered issues.

During the user testing, our users identified several issues that we had missed. They pointed out that the website's navigation was confusing and made it difficult for them to find specific pages. With this information, we began card sorting and improving the website's navigation through data architecture.




After identifying the user's problem, we began examining our competitor's website to comprehend their user flow and collect data that could be utilized to enhance the application process and the contact information displayed on our homepage. The subsequent modifications were the solutions we discovered to be effective:


  • Enhance the application process by switching out the dropdown menu with multiple selection options.

  • Minimize the number of user actions needed before they are prompted to apply for adoption.

  • The adoption and donation buttons should be displayed on the website header.

  • Upgrading the website design from an outdated look to a more modern one, incorporating the color scheme used in our ranch.




This particular project proved to be an incredibly valuable learning experience, as it allowed us to gain a deeper understanding of the intricate thought process that goes into designing a website. Throughout the project, we were able to identify and focus on key steps that were necessary in order to create a successful end result. Additionally, the project provided us with a great opportunity to improve our communication skills when dealing with stakeholders. We learned how to effectively listen to their requests, while also being able to effectively communicate with them at a professional business level. Overall, this project was an incredibly informative and beneficial experience for us.

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